COVID-19 response plan

Motion remains committed to taking all reasonable precautions to ensure the ongoing health and safety of our clients, partners and employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our offerings of curbside pick-ups, outdoor repairs and deliveries, and virtual video appointments (where available) also remain available. Our goal, as always, is to make life accessible for everyone.

What we’re doing

Visitor Policy:

We ask that people who have recently tested positive for COVID-19, have recently had exposure to someone who has tested positive for the virus, or who themselves are experiencing cold- or flu-like symptoms not enter our facilities and return at a later date or request our alternative offerings listed above.

Face Coverings:

Although each province is entering recovery stages at a different rate, we continue to require our employees to wear a face covering when interacting with clients/visitors (except when behind a protective barrier). We also strongly encourage that clients/visitors wear a fitted mask or face covering (even in provinces where this mandate has been lifted for indoor public spaces). Complimentary disposable face masks are available upon request.


All employees are required to participate in daily electronic self-assessments, including temperature checks, at the start of each workday. Furthermore, employees have access to participate in government-issued rapid testing as required. Should a potential risk be identified, employees will be required to contact their manager, stay at home, and follow provincial guidelines for testing and isolation. See ‘Face Coverings’ section above for details about employee requirements.

Personal Protective Equipment:

A steady supply of items such as masks, gloves, and protective coverings are provided for all employees.

Facility & Equipment Cleaning:

While the cleaning of our shared spaces is scheduled regularly, we’re taking additional precautionary measures by conducting more frequent sanitizing of these areas and making hand sanitizer available for shared use. Additional supplies for infectious control have also been sourced to ensure the sanitization of equipment entering and exiting our facilities.