What to consider before you install a stairlift

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What to consider before you install a stairlift

Getting a stairlift installed in your home is a big decision. At Motion, we want you to be prepared for this change, and get the maximum benefit of your new home accessibility solution. Speaking to one of Motion’s stairlift experts is a very important first step in the process, but there are a few things to keep in mind prior to installation.

Impact on the home

People who are on the fence about adding a stairlift to their home often think that a stairlift may ruin their stairway or walls during installation and/or that it can’t be easily removed/relocated when it’s time to move. Since the stairlift rail is affixed to the stair treads and not the wall, the equipment can be installed easily and with minimal impact on your home. Should you ever decide to remove/relocate the stairlift, our experts will assist with the removal and connect you with a local contractor to make any minor repairs.

TIP: 63% of injuries involving adults aged 65+ are the result of a fall. Selecting the right home accessibility products, like stairlifts, can significantly decrease the chance of falls to help you stay safe at home.

Discuss the stairlift with your family

If you are living with other family members, particularly young children, it’s important to speak to them before the stairlift is installed. Children are often curious about machinery, especially something that appears to be a ride. Explain to them that going up or down the stairs is difficult for you and that the stairlift is designed for someone with a certain height and weight. It is not a toy or a means to transport things around the house, and treating it as either of those things can be dangerous.

TIP: Our stairlifts allow you to fold the footrest, seat and arms for safety and to allow others to use the stairs with ease. Often stairlifts come with a key lock to prevent improper use by unapproved individuals, which offers extra peace of mind in a home with children.

Matching your decor

People considering a stairlift will often wonder whether the stairlift will match their home decor. The answer is yes! Stairlifts come in a variety of designs and styles. Depending on the selection offered by the brand you’re considering, you’ll be able to select the upholstery and rail colour that best matches your home’s aesthetic. Our trained stairlift professionals will help you make your selection and take into consideration the degree to which your aesthetic preferences can be accommodated without compromising your comfort and mobility needs. 

Installing a stairlift in your home is a big decision for you and your family, but it is one that is intended to give you greater mobility and independence and allow you to stay in your own home as long as possible. 

Check out the stairlifts we have to offer and contact us today to learn more about affordable and non-intrusive stairlift solutions.

This material does not constitute medical advice. It is intended for informational purposes only. Please consult a physician for specific treatment recommendations.