A great place to start or grow your career.

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A great place to start or grow your career.

Looking for a career filled with client interaction, gratitude, growth opportunities, and positive challenges? Motion team members Jen (Sales Consultant), Margaret (Store Administrator), and Keisha (Sales Administrator) (pictured from left to right) share their experience at Motion – and why they think it’s a great place to start or grow your career.

Our team is genuinely collaborative, and this is our biggest asset. From your first day at Motion, you will be a part of a dynamic team that will support and challenge you. We are compassionate, knowledgeable and driven by finding possibilities for our clients and their families. Knowing the impact that our work has on the quality of life of our clients is the reason we all come together to do everything we can to provide an outstanding experience.

As part of our team, you will achieve an incredible level of professional satisfaction. The face-to-face interaction is rewarding at a level rarely found in customer service and technical work. We continuously hear how important the equipment we sell, order, fit, clean, and repair is to the well-being and independence of clients, directly from them and their circle of care. It’s more than knowing you are making a difference; it’s hearing it from our clients.

If your motivation comes from a place of empathy and equality, this is a place you can grow your career – with meaning. The leadership team here recognizes a sincere passion for what we do – because they feel it too. Motion as an organization will support your growth and development, providing training, mentorship, and promotion. It’s inspiring to know that our Store Administrator started at the front desk, went into sales, to the warehouse to gain insights into our processes, and to a management role.

Every day offers a new opportunity to make a difference – and a new expression of gratitude. We enjoy what we do here, and we all want the same end goal to help our clients and make their lives accessible. Seeing the smile on our clients’ faces when they receive a new piece of equipment and realize how much more they can do, is rewarding beyond words.

It’s also a fulfilling work environment. This is a safe space where questions are welcomed and knowledge is shared. Where we value diversity of opinions, approaches, and backgrounds, knowing that each of us brings something that makes us who we are as a team. It’s a genuinely uplifting environment to be part of, and that helps you get through the tough days. Like any career, the job can pose challenges; but through group problem solving, mentorship, and the ongoing motivation to help, you will succeed here. And there are genuinely many more rewarding and fulfilling personal and professional moments than you can imagine.

Join us. We have the best people. If you want to be part of our team, we will welcome you, help you further your career, celebrate your wins, and invite you to our BBQs. Right now, we are hiring, and we truly would love to hear from you.

To learn more about our open opportunities, visit our Careers page.