Stairlifts: An important item to keep you safe in your own home

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Stairlifts: An important item to keep you safe in your own home

Learn about stairlifts and how they make your home safe and accessible.

You may have heard of stairlifts before. Stairlifts are also commonly referred to as chair lifts or stair elevators. Here we will briefly explain what a stairlift is and how it can help you stay safe and mobile in your own home for longer .

What is a stairlift?

Simply put, a stairlift is a reliable solution for people who have difficulty managing stairs; whether that’s shortness of breath or joint pains. A stairlift is a power-operated chair mounted to a rail that is used to carry the user up and down a staircase. Stairlifts are quiet, comfortable and easy to use. A simple switch moves the chair up and down the track at a safe and comfortable speed. They can also be operated by a remote control depending on the make and model. The track for the lift is installed directly on the stairs, and not on the wall, which means that there are minimal repairs required to your home if you decide to move or remove it.

Types of stairlifts

Stairlifts can be fitted to almost every staircase; straight, curved, multi-level, intermediate landings. Depending on the staircase, our team of experts will professionally recommend a model that will meet your needs, your staircase requirements, and the decor of your home. With many colours and styles available there is a stairlift to match any staircase in any home.

Did you know? Sometimes after surgery or an injury, a stairlift can be helpful for a short period of time.  Where a stairlift is needed on a straight staircase for only a short time, Motion offers a variety of stairlift rental options. Learn more about the rental options

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