Prime Engineering KidWalk Walking Frame

Prime Engineering KidWalk Walking Frame

Kidwalk is the fruit of collaboration between Prime Engineering and Therapist’s from Stanford University’s Rehab-Engineering Center. The idea behind Kidwalk is that children need a means to independently explore their environment. Self-initiated movement is key to developing neural and motor skills, learning spatial relationships and exploring their world the same way that a child without physical limitations would. It is vital in early childhood development to allow this type of exploration.

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Addtional Features
  • Hands free mobility
  • Lateral weight shift during ambulation
  • Small turning radius
  • Rolls over carpets
  • Mid-wheel design encourages rotation of the upper body over the pelvis while turning
  • Weight shift mechanism allows work on balance and motor development during therapy
  • Auto centering pelvic guides align the trunk, pelvis and legs.
  • Client placement achieved by one person
  • Positioning equipment and height easily adjustable while in use
  • Large wheels assist maneuvering
Product Specifications
HIP WIDTH 5.5” - 9”
HIP DEPTH 5” - 7”
CHEST WIDTH 6.5” - 10.5”
CHEST DEPTH 3.5” - 6”
SEAT DIMENSIONS 2” x 7” (approx.)
Manufacturer Details
Prime Engineering
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