Premium Sheet Protector

Premium Sheet Protector

Unique brushed polyester fabric channels fluid quickly away from the surface for maximum comfort and an amazing ULTRA-DRY SURFACE.

Fit is everything

The way a product feels, fits, and moves is at the heart of how well it will suit you, and your daily life.

That’s why we offer clients the opportunity to visit our locations and get a true sense of any given product. Motion isn’t a place. It’s a partnership, and a promise: we work with you to turn our products into possibilities.

Addtional Features
  • Promotes good skin care.
  • Soft velour surface provides a non-abrasive surface next to skin.
  • Non-pilling surface remains smooth and gentle to the skin for the life of the pad.
  • Mint color maintains a fresh, clean appearance and will not fade, even if washed with chlorine.
  • Exceptional “wicking” action contributes to surface dryness with rapid absorption
  • Exceptionally absorbent and minimizes the possibility of leakage by containing heavy voids with maximum absorbency of 6 cups.
  • Satinlite smooth barrier finish holds pad in position on bed; smooth surface does not “lint” up, and slides easily for positioning or transfer of patients.
  • “ZZ” quilt design retains a flat profile without pleating or bunching.
  • Round corners offer long-term economy by extending the life of the pad by preventing corner abrasion. Round corners do not curl up.
Product Specifications
SURFACE 100% Polyester
INNER LINING 50% Polyester 35% Rayon
BACKING 100% Vinyl
SIZE 34 Inches x 36 Inches
Manufacturer Details
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