Tracer SX5 Manual Wheelchair

Tracer SX5 Manual Wheelchair

The Tracer Sx5 lightweight frame weighing less the 36 pounds which, makes this chair perfect for rental and long or short-term use. The Tracer Sx5 now combines the design and technology of the 9000 series wheelchairs making it possible to interchange components. The Tracer Sx5 offers multiple seat widths, depths, armstyles, sectional back and seat-to-floor heights by utilizing the dual axle position frame base. The 20″ and 22″ widths include a semi-pneumatic caster and chrome handrim to accommodate additional weight.

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Addtional Features
  • 14-gauge crossbraces add strength & durability
  • Dual axle positions allow variations of seat-to-floor height
  • Durable, low-maintenance, triple chrome-plated, carbon steel frame is long-lasting
  • Sectional back available in 16" & 18" back heights
  • Urethane rear tires, mounted on "no flex" wheels, offer superior performance
Product Specifications
PRODUCT WIDTH Standard 14” - 22” (2” increments),
HEAVY DUTY 18” – 24” (HD – 2” increments)
PRODUCT LENGTH/DEPTH 1 - Standard - 6” / 18”, Heavy Duty - 18” / 20”
WEIGHT CAPACITY Standard - 250 lbs / 300 lbs, Heavy Duty - 350 lbs / 450 lbs (HD)
OVERALL WIDTH seat width + 8”
SEAT-TO-FLOOR HEIGHT 17.5” / 19.5”
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