Defender Reha Car Seat

Defender Reha Car Seat

The Defender Reha car seat from Thomashilfen provides children with 360° impact protection. The head, trunk and thigh supports, combined with unique accessories, offer many positioning options. The seat allows for growth while remaining narrow enough for a second car seat as well as another child to fit in the back seat.

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Addtional Features
  • Defender Reha and ALL ACCESSORIES exceed Canadian CMVSS 213 and 213.2 standards
  • Head, trunk and thighs positioning supports included
  • 7” of Growth Adjustability
  • 5-point harness for security in Car Seat Mode and provides additional support in Booster Mode
  • Special Needs accessories available
  • Cup/snack holder, chest clip & soft harness covers
  • Optional Swivel base for easy transfers
  • Car Seat converts to Booster for added years of use
  • 2 years manufacturer's guarantee

* To reach max. seat width remove additional hip guide pads from additional seat pad ** To reach max. back height and shoulder height remove additional seat pad and foam pad under seat cushion *** To reach min. lower leg length you need to use footrest pad 834

Product Specifications
SEAT DEPTH 33 cm / 13.5"
SEAT WIDTH* 21,5 - 30,5 cm / 8.5 - 12"
SEAT TO HEAD** 60 - 78 cm / 23.5 - 30.5"
SHOULDER HEIGHT (CHILD)** 25 - 49,5 cm / 10 - 19.5"
LOWER LEG LENGTH (18 cm ***) 28 - 43 cm / (7" ***) 11 - 17"
OVERALL DIMENSIONS (W X H X D) 46,3 x 67,3 x 50,8 cm / 18.25 x 26.5 x 20"
Manufacturer Details
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