Preventing falls in the bathroom

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Preventing falls in the bathroom

Knowing that most falls take place in the bathroom, preventing falls in this confined space must be a priority when assessing your home for safety. When someone falls in the bathroom, many injuries that limit mobility and reduce one’s quality of life can occur and can often lead to hospitalization or long-term care needs. 

The following is a list of bathroom hazards that can lead to falls, injury, and even surgery:

  • Wet surfaces 
  • Rugs or towels 
  • Getting in and out of the tub
  • Poor visibility due to inadequate lighting
  • Dizziness when standing up after bathing
  • Dizziness when getting up from the toilet

When it comes to bathing, maintaining both the freedom and ability to bathe in a safe environment is important due to its therapeutic benefits. Some of these benefits include pain relief, relaxation, stress relief, enhanced mobility, improved psychological and emotional wellbeing, reduced symptoms of skin disease, and increased blood circulation. 

Walk-in bathtubs are always the preferred bathing solution, but due to their high costs are not always a feasible solution. The great news is that there are many excellent bathroom safety products that will help you maintain your independence while reducing the likelihood of a fall. Products we recommend are bath and shower seats, handheld showers, bath lifts and support rails.

These are just a few of the many safety products that can help prevent a fall in the bathroom. Learn more about these products in our Bathroom category or view our Safe At Home by Motion article to see even more products that will help you confidently stay in your own home longer.

This material does not constitute medical advice. It is intended for informational purposes only. Please consult a physician for specific treatment recommendations.