Mobility Management Podcast with Jeff Preston

About Motion - 3 Min Read

Mobility Management Podcast with Jeff Preston

Jeff Preston, Vice President of Product & Marketing at Motion, recently had the opportunity to speak to Laurie Watanabe, Editor of Mobility Management, for the publication’s podcast series. Jeff was pleased to join Laurie to share his perspective on the complex rehab technology industry as well as discuss the change, maturity, and challenges the industry has faced as a result of the pandemic.

Discussion topics included:

  • How the pandemic had redefined how complex rehab technology providers like Motion do their business.
  • How Motion has identified and implemented solutions during the pandemic; including the introduction of virtual assessments and how they help clients get answers faster and more efficiently.
  • Trends among wheelchair users, and others who use mobility devices, during the pandemic.
  • Plus more.

To listen to this informative 30-minute podcast from Mobility Management, click the link below:

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