Meet Dan

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Meet Dan

With a background in customer service and a deep appreciation for giving back, Dan (Regional Manager) shares his experience with finding purpose at Motion and the amazing team he works with.

What drew you to Motion?

After 15 years in retail, I realized that while I wanted to continue to work in customer service, it was important to me to truly help people. Joining Motion allowed me the opportunity to bring my expertise and give back to both the teams I work with and the people we serve in our communities.

What do you find fulfilling about the role you have at Motion?

Every day is rewarding, with opportunities to learn and teach. From day one, I had the chance to come in and influence the direction of our service culture and make changes as a leader. The needs of our clients are specific to each individual and as a group we need to determine the best way to serve them. Over the last two years, we have faced significant challenges due to the pandemic. I can say with full confidence, we’ve become stronger as a company and an even more respected brand throughout this period.

Working for Motion is a very tangible way to change people’s lives. We create access to mobility solutions that make all the difference in the world for our clients. Our goal is to understand their unique needs and generate optimal outcomes despite the barriers they are facing. It is personally meaningful when we can improve the lives of our pediatric clients – the look on their faces, and their family members, when they can move more freely often brings tears to our eyes.

What do you love most about your location?

We are a team of 21 people, and every individual is impressive! I have managed many teams throughout my retail career, and this is the most impactful place and dedicated team I have ever worked with. They are exceptional in the way they lift each other up. I genuinely believe we’ve set the gold standard for how teams should operate at Motion, and I’m hoping we can contribute to replicating our successes at other locations.

What do you do to continue to engage and retain talent?

I believe in continuous learning and development for myself and my team. We are constantly having conversations both formally and informally on how each person would like to grow, what they’d like to try, how they’d like to contribute, and what they hope their career path at Motion to look like. In addition to access to ongoing training, we provide our teams with a structured schedule which contributes to a healthy work-life balance. And it’s also an environment where we celebrate professional and personal accomplishments.

How, as a leader, do you strive to live and demonstrate Motion’s values?

As a leader, it comes down to reacting and responding consistently, whether to employee needs or urgent client requirements. The expectation I have is that we are all here to do something bigger than ourselves, approach our days and our tasks with an open mind, and appreciate each other’s capabilities. On a grander scale, I believe, and I know my team shares this belief, that we are part of a bigger mission to help create accessibility globally.

If you want to help make life more accessible for people in your community, Motion is hiring for a number of different roles. Click the link below to learn more about our company and our current career opportunities.

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