Meet Brianna Seewald – Client Ambassador

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Meet Brianna Seewald – Client Ambassador

We are so excited to introduce our new Client Ambassador, Brianna Seewald! From her engaging Instagram content to her educational Tik Tok videos, Brianna is taking a difficult situation and finding humour and light in her recovery journey. Through her content, Brianna wants to show everyone that even if you go through a traumatic experience, anything is possible.

My name Is Brianna, but everyone calls me Bri.

I grew up in a small town in rural MB, in a big family surrounded by lots of love and friends.

My life really started to take shape in 2019. I finally graduated nursing school, one of my proudest accomplishments, my boyfriend at the time and now fiancé Ryan had just bought our first home and I vividly remember thinking to myself “I made it, this is it! My life finally is about to begin.” Fast forward a full year later to 2020 when my life took a drastic turn, when the beginning of my life almost became the end.

On August 17, 2020, I was on my home from work after a night shift. The day was beautiful, clear and I couldn’t wait to get home, knowing after a quick sleep I’d be outside enjoying the rest of the sun-filled day. Only, I never made it home that day. A careless driver attempted to speed across 4 lanes of traffic, ultimately changing my life.

I T-Boned the driver going at highway speed, a moment in my life I will never forget. As a result, I suffered catastrophic injuries. I broke my Neck at c2, a complicated hangman’s fracture, along with 7 burst and compression fractures at various levels of my spine, and many other critical injuries. Due to prolonged swelling to my spinal cord and the significant damage at multiple levels of my spine, I was deemed an incomplete c2 level injury and have used a wheelchair ever since.

My life had to begin again, in a way that I never imagined for myself. Learning to use my body again, balancing on being so grateful for my life but devastated on how the rest of it would now look. I took my recovery to social media, and quickly grew a following of almost half a million people. The world fell in love with my story, my ability to use humor and make others laugh, despite being in such a difficult situation. I tried to shed light on what recovery looks like following a catastrophic injury and the very real aspects of it both good and bad. My goal was to inspire, show the world we are always stronger than we think, and that with the right mindset, the right support system, and enough determination anything is possible if you just believe.

Ryan proposed to me in hospital after my accident, our wedding is next year, and my only goal at the time of my proposal was to walk down my wedding aisle with my mom and dad, and I’m proud to say after 2 years of intense physical therapy this goal is something I will be able to accomplish.

My goals for the future are to return to my job as a nurse, become an educator perhaps, and continue doing public speaking. There is so much I’m still capable of and I want others to know that as well. I’m excited to help show the world that disability doesn’t have to be a taboo subject and give insight to what this world looks like. More importantly, this experience will help make me a better nurse, to be able to empathize with my patients and give advice though lived experiences. Though it’s been a difficult journey, I refuse to let my story be a tragedy. I’m rewriting my own end into one of triumph and victory! 2 quotes I have lived by for the last 2 years have been “never out of the fight” and, of course, my uncle telling me I was “all grit and no quit.”

To learn more about Brianna, click the buttons below to find her on Tik Tok and Instagram. And stay tuned to Motion’s social channels for more from Brianna throughout the year.  

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