Meet Austin

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Meet Austin

Warehouse Lead, Austin, first joined Motion as a high school co-op student. Seeing the compassion and care his team showed clients drew him into a career at Motion. Throughout his time at Motion, Austin’s career has grown and continues to grow through new skill development and incomparable experiences.

What was your professional experience before joining Motion?

I started at Motion as a high school co-op student. Before I started working at Motion, I had worked as a door-to-door sales representative. I also have experience working on a farm.

What drew you to your first role at Motion?

I was interested in the sales aspect of Motion and secured a co-op placement in the retail showroom as a Customer Service Representative. After my four-month placement, I was hired on immediately with the team. I was drawn to the high level of care and compassion that my colleagues showed to our clients. There was never a challenge that seemed too big for them to take on to support our clients’ mobility, safety, and independence.

What do you get to do here that you might not be able to do somewhere else? 

Something that I get to do here at Motion that I might not be able to do somewhere else is being able to make such a difference in our clients’ lives.

What makes Motion a great place to work? 

The people you work with daily makes Motion a great place to work. This includes the clients, my fellow employees, and the management teams.

How has your career grown here?

Motion provides mentorship programs that help you grow as an employee, which has allowed me to work in many different roles within the company. I have also had the opportunity to use my different skills when I transferred to a different Motion location in our network of 48 locations across 5 provinces.

What is unique about the learning opportunities at Motion?

Something unique about the learning opportunities at Motion is many of my colleagues have a wealth of knowledge and experience that they are always willing to share with others. Everyone on our team contributes to helping each other grow as employees.

What is an example of the impact working at Motion has allowed you to have? 

Our work as a team impacts our client’s livelihoods. My favorite memory with a client is when I  was able to help them drive for the first time after modifications were made to their power wheelchair.

If you want to help make life more accessible for people in your community, Motion is hiring for a number of different roles.

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