Finding a career with purpose

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Finding a career with purpose

Purpose-driven work makes your days fulfilling, motivates you to get out of bed, and helps smooth the bumps on the road during tough times. And these have certainly been tough times over the last two years. As an essential services provider, Motion has remained open – with masks on, hands sanitized, and numbers in-house limited – while keeping our employees and clients safe. We are proud to have continued to meet our clients’ needs at a time when trustworthy and responsive service mattered the most.

As more Canadians seek new career opportunities following a great period of change, we asked our employees, “What do you enjoy most about working at Motion?” Here’s what they had to say:

Every day has unique challenges – and incredibly satisfying rewards.

“As part of the team here, I work closely with different therapists and families to solve clients’ specific mobility needs. Whether that’s issues with walking, standing, or maneuvering their wheelchair, I get to approach problems and solve them in tangible ways. There is no ‘one size fits all’ answer, so collaboration with my colleagues, practitioners, and the clients themselves is critical for developing a successful plan. It is incredibly rewarding to come up with an equipment solution that specifically addresses a client’s needs, especially when it’s someone I’ve witnessed struggling with mobility. It feels good to know that my efforts are genuinely helpful and appreciated.”

– Raymond, Sales Consultant, Motion

There’s a collective sense of ownership and responsibility at Motion.

“We are all inspired by the opportunity we have to change someone’s life. At the end of the day it’s all about following our mission statement to make a difference, and to do whatever it takes as a collective to make things happen for our clients.”

– Julie, Sales Consultant, Motion

People leading people.

“What I love about my role as a manager is seeing my team achieve their goals and succeed. At Motion, we provide ongoing training and opportunities for continuous skills development. That may be workshops on new devices by our vendors or soft skills training for managing conflict. Whatever the case may be, wherever the gap is, or the interest lies, we give our people the knowledge and support they need to do their best work – and to enjoy doing it. In addition, we foster collaboration, mentorship, and growth with many people moving up through their own locations and exploring other areas of the business.”

– Randy, Regional Director, Motion

If you’d like to spend your days working with purpose and making an impact on people in your own community, join us. Right now, we’re hiring for a number of different positions in our locations across the country. Check out our Careers page for all open opportunities.

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