Celebrating International Wheelchair Day 2022

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Celebrating International Wheelchair Day 2022

Happy International Wheelchair Day 💛

In our business, we celebrate wheelchairs and the people who use them every day, but today people join together across the world to honour the positive impact wheelchairs have on people’s lives.

This year we hope to continue to:

  • Enable our clients who use wheelchairs to celebrate their lives and the equipment that empowers them;
  • Honour and commend the great work of the millions of people who provide wheelchairs, who support and care for wheelchair users, and those who make the world more accessible;
  • Acknowledge and react constructively to the fact there are many people in the world who require a wheelchair but are unable to obtain one; and
  • Admire the advancements in technology and materials that make life more accessible and enhance mobility for people requiring an assistive device.

Join us today in spreading awareness about the importance of creating universally accessible environments and showing support for people who use wheelchairs around the world.

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